February 4, 2008

Why You Should Never Take Hubby to Costco With You . . .

On Sunday I needed to run to Costco. JB has a can of V8 in his lunch every day. It's much cheaper to purchase it at Costco. I also had to stop by a local fabric store to pick up something I had purchased the day before, but which hadn't made it home with me. We were also in the neighborhood of an allegedly great breakfast place - so I asked him if he wanted to 'run' with me. We left Costco almost $300 poorer. All I needed was V8 and papertowels. I also needed to pick a few supplies for the office - but nothing really expensive. We did come home with 3 new cedar filled fleece beds for the dogs! The only sewing I managed to get done this weekend was the living room curtains. The fit the windows and will close. They even look half-way decent. Although this morning I pulled the loveseat out to take a look at the bottom and realized that somehow I made them 2 different lengths.
The biggest problem with this is that if I drop the hem on the one panel to match the other and the dining room curtains so they are just above the floor - then the lining is too short. I have more lining so I could add a strip along the bottom to make it work - but what a pain! I could raise the hem on the other panel, but then I think the home dec rules say that I would have to raise all the panels in the house. Because right now they are 'suppose' to be about an 1" off the floor and so far - 3 of 4 panels are! If I shorten them, don't they have to fall right around the window sashing?
See why I said I have a Love/Hate Relationship with home decorating?


  1. Shorten the longer lining, then give them the "cotton croch*t*d lace" treatment. This has the added benefit of catching dust-buffalos, should you decide to stop vacuuming altogether. (and they are very attracted to lace)

  2. I like the lace idea...but you are right...lengthen one with a small hassle, or shorten three...to me it sounds easier to just lengthen one! Plus who will know that the lining is short an inch on the very bottom of the back of one of your pannels! Nobody looks that closely!!!

  3. I don't have any advice for the curtains but I had to laugh at the Costco story. My daughter learned in one of her business courses that the average sale at Costco is $100. I told her that was crazy - I never get out of there for less than $300!

  4. We don't have a Costco here. Unfortunately, the Knight is the one with the card, so to go, I *HAVE* to take him. We do have a Sam's Club, but I don't think it's as tempting/wonderful/nice as Costco!

  5. The dog beds they sell at BJ's are THE Best... I'm assuming Costco's are similar... for $30 you get a HUGE dog bed that elsewhere would be $150 or more.

  6. Oh, Costco...miss it.
    The nearest one is in Canada. We have a Sam's though, and it isn't a good one.
    I am with ya on the home dec PIA. I bought my curtains at jcpenney...i knew i would NEVER make my own, or at least not make them well!!
    Yours look great...love the fabric.

  7. Oh you made me laugh, my bill pretty much doubles or triples each time I take DH, but he soo loves to go.

  8. Well at least you've got them made...my bedroom still DOES NOT have curtains because I just can't get them made!!!


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