February 20, 2008


So, there were lots of questions about yesterday's post. Stacy wanted to know if that was Jumbo Rick Rack and asked how wide it was. So, just for Stacy, I took a closer picture of the trim. The baby blue is one of the ones that was hanging on the new screen yesterday. It's measures about 1 3/8" wide from zig to zag and is true rick rack just like the baby stuff. The brown is 2" wide and I got it at last year's Sewing & Stitchery Expo. It is really grosgrain ribbon which is cut to resemble rick rack. The Jumbo stuff is available at a local fabric store for I think it was $1.79/yard. Next Claire asked about the screen. It came in a box from Cost Plus World Market and is called the Potrero Accessory Screen. Finally, Camilla, Yvonne, and Blogfree Jessica wanted to know how that little bitty screen kept the dogs out of the studio. Well - it's only meant to keep them out when they are sleeping. When they are awake they are either outside or wherever we are. When I am in the studio - I move the screen out of the way and the dogs can come in. However, since Lucy really is a goat in dog's clothing I need to keep her out when I'm not around. Otherwise she eats ball winders, pin cushions, zippers, patterns, and sock yarn. However, she doesn't know how big she is or what she's capable of, so with the screen there - she is effectively locked out :) Easy peasy lemon squeezy! By the way - Camilla - go check out Yvonne's blog (follow the link above) she's considering crossing over into sock knitting. Go - work your voodoo!


  1. Speaking of Cost Plus...do you know what they do with furniture and stuff customers return? They scratch it up a bit, maybe spray paint it a bit, and THROW IT IN THE DUMPSTER in back!! Can you believe that? A creative, stealth person could do some amazing dumpster diving. Here is what kills me though....they do not need to do that. Why can't they donate it to a non-profit org who could then sell it online, on craig's, e-bay, whatever...all that money that could really help someone, or some non-profit org. What a sick, throw-away society we live in. It is CRIMINAL!!! Anyways.....sorry....climbing down off of my soap-box......

  2. Thanks so much! I always think of rickrack as being such a fun trim - I need to use it more!

  3. I found some huge rick rack in the clearance section of my local Hancock store. I bought every roll they had thinking it would be great on aprons. I like how you layered them ... I might have to borrow that idea :-)


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