September 14, 2007

Playing Dolls?

It almost feels like playing dolls. This taking clothes off the headless/nameless Dummy (Blogfree Jessica - you're falling short on this job). I have had a rough week and learned a few things. First - when you are really trying to get your weight back in check after seeing photos of yourself on a beach in a swimsuit - don't resort to a bloody mary to relax after a particularly taxing day. Alcohol and weight loss - not a good mix. Wednesday morning I was down a good bit. Wednesday I had an adult beverage with the ladies at Knit Knit and Thursday I had a bloody mary with dinner with JB - Friday morning, up 6#! So, I thought I would distract you with finished objects - even if they are old. That Sweater up there was started in the summer of 2006. I got all the pieces done, sewed the sleeves in, finished the neckline and set it aside. Yes, for a year! I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago, got confirmation from my Knit Night gang, finished the seaming, steamed it and I've already worn it. The picture is horrible, but the ribbing on the front waist forms a "V". The skirt in the next picture was finished last summer, too. It is embroidered denim from JoAnns. I can't remember the pattern number and I can't find it quickly, so you are all out of luck. These two pieces have been intended to go together since the sweater was started and I'm glad they are both finished. They both pass the wearability test (now that I've done some anchoring around that picot edge!).


  1. Oh, but that top is adorable!! You knit to perfection!
    The skirt is lovely, you made a great use of the scalloped and embroidered edge! The two pieces go perfectly together.

  2. The top is too cute! It goes great with the skirt. Wonderful job.

  3. Maybe alcohol and weight loss aren't a good mix but I bet that bloody mary sure tasted good!

    You inspire me to want to learn to knit because you knit such cute if I could only find more time!

  4. Okay, you are going to have to show me how to do that picot edge. I had a pattern I was going to try that had that and it sure didn't look like that. So I gave up - for now - and switched to something else.

    It's a beautiful top. Very well done, and I can see the v ribbing in the waist. I bet it looks lovely on.

  5. OMG! You are soo right about the alcohol and weightloss thing...or even weight maintenence...I think that that is why I am having to start practically from scratch with my weightloss! No more drinks for me! Love you! And cute outfit!

  6. I remember when you started the sweater! it sure turned out cute, love it, and the skirt is very cute.
    I think the Dummy just needs to be named "Lou" or "Louis", because ever since you posted about it, and mentioned the song, i cannot get it out of my in honor of Louis her that! "I get more lovin' from that dum dum dummy than i ever got from you!" Every time you mention her, that songs goes through my head. Love that song it's a good thing.


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