September 10, 2007

Knit One, Tea Too

Bethany was my "Super-cool Tea Swap Partner" to quote her. And she's right. I can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday when I came home and found this little box on my doorstep. Last week, the days all ran together.
I was trying to get a good photo of the return address - where Bethany sharpied through her name and wrote "Your Tea Swap Partner." Inside that box were these fabulous goodies. Everything was nicely wrapped and the yarn (which I wouldn't unwrap until I had the camera handy) was even tied with the bow!
It's hard to see everything but, there is a super cool hand-made teacup stitch marker, some Constant Comment tea (which always reminds me of my Grandmother), a wonderful peppermint soap.
The yarn which I couldn't unwrap until later was this fabulous Seacoast Handpainted sock/lace yarn in the color Raspberries. I can't wait to wind it and start making something.
Today - after getting home from the most horrible day at work ever. I found another box on my kitchen table. I squealed! I was so freakin' excited! I cut the box open, found the card, then went to find the camera before I could continue! Ya know you're a blogger when . . . In no particular order - a fabulous Jasmine Tea Infuser. The top is a green tea cup. I have wanted a tea strainer for a long, long time!
Next the cutest little honey pot I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure that Winnie the Pooh would be jealous. I tried to sneak in a picture of the stitch marker from the earlier package.
There were - tons of teas! Lemon, Holiday Spice and Tangerine and Peach tea bags - all from the English Tea Store. Currently I have Tangerine & Peach in my mug while I type! I'm quite enjoying it.
There was also Orange Spice loose leaf tea. This will give me a reason to use that infuser! Finally - Ivy Cottage ginger orange scone mix, a great shaped mug from The English Tea Store and On-line Supersocke in the color Summer. Here's a picture of all the goodies and the mess I made on the kitchen table. When JB asked why I got all this stuff, I explained about the SWAP. He said, "that's really nice, what did you send her."
My heartfelt thanks Bethany. You have made participation in my first SWAP ever magical. Thank you :)


  1. Wow!! Fantastic packages - I love what you got in the tea swap, I'm sorry I missed that one!

  2. Wow - not one, but two GREAT packages! At first you made me panic thinking I was late sending my tea swap package out, lol! I love your goodies, esp that super cute stitch marker!

  3. Hi!
    I am so glad that you liked everything. I was worried that I was doing it all wrong, plus, being nervous I wouldn't get it out on time because of this misery of a move. But, I did, so YEA ME. This is my first swap too so I guess you could say we both experimented on each other! I am glad I got to cheer someone up. Now i am cheered up! yahoo!

  4. Wow what a great partner you had. Lovely stuff.

  5. I just have to say that it aparantly runs in the family to run and get your camera!! I will have to upload all of my pics onto my comp and post a new blog so you can see what I'm talking about....but it looks like you got some freiken awesome stuff!! I'm jealous!

  6. Great packages! I'm so inspired by all of the wonderful tea-ness you guys have been getting and giving.


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