February 19, 2007

Show and Tell

Okay - I told you guys I had been shopping. Time to put my money where my fingers are - do a little showing and telling and then get busy making some new clothes for this body - not aprons! First up - yesterday while at Hancocks for rickrack for another apron :) I spotted this beauty and had to have it. It's completely polyester, but it's brown with both cream and pink polka-dots. I'm thinking dress. I don't have a particular pattern in mind - but I have lots of patterns. The 100% poly is throwing me - there's 2.66 yards. If you have any suggestions - let me know. Next up is a beautiful chocolate brown faux suede with a beautiful border print. I'm really thinking something simple like The Brussels Skirt from Textile Studio Patterns. Obviously with a border print, this has to become a simple skirt. Next up is another faux suede. I got both of these pieces at JoAnn Fabrics last weekend while out shopping with the Princess. They were 70% off and I paid less than $6 for each piece. This one has a light (maybe oyster) background and wonderful browns, taupes and pinks dancing across the front. I believe it will just become another of my favorite Kwik Sew skirt 3098 with the center front placed on the fold. One last piece of faux suede. This will also become the KS skirt - this time, creating a "western style" yoke across at the very least the back. Including the pockets and using Beth's Cowgirl Pockets (scroll down) and closing the front of the skirt with snaps. I'll pick some up at Expo. Last up is a cute sheer print that I got when I met Little Miss. We had a great time and she spent way more money than I did :) I plan on making up New Look 6952. And actually that's not all of the recent damage . I just wasn't able to get photos of the rest. I also bought both a green and a white cotton woven. These are really need, they are 'striped' with the cotton sections joined with faggoting. I washed them and now they both need to be iron. The white will be the same New Look top and the green will become a dress. I also have a couple of old pieces of cotton and linen that want to become dresses this summer. So, I say - let the sewing begin!!!


  1. Ooh,

    Gorgeous colors in each of the collection pieces. "I like!"

  2. Polkadots!! I love polkadots. I have to have some of that. Did they have more? I hope so. Too bad I'm still sick. I'm dying to start sewing some spring clothes - not doggie dresses. Hee Hee. We are so similar! Love the skirt with the border idea.

  3. Hey I like that Kwik Sew skirt. It will look fabulous with Cowgirl pockets! I can't wait to see it!

  4. I fell in love with that polka dot fabric also. I didn't buy any, but I thought of lounging pajamas. I make them by the gross, because that's what I change into the minute I come in the door from work.

  5. Add me to the polka dot lovers - polka dots are so hot for spring and then you have it in the hot new colors ~ chocolate and pink. If I didn't hate Joann's so much I would be tempted to run down there and see if they had some in NJ...I mean IF I didn't HATE Joann's so much! *LOL* These will make great pieces.


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