February 17, 2007

The Man Sweater Update

Remember this post about The Man Sweater. Or how about this one? Well do you all want to hear what a bonehead I am? I ripped the entire sweater out. Worked some new gauge swatches and started rd-knitting the back on size 2US Addis Turbos. Love these slick metal needles. Anyway, when the time came, I switched to a bryspun needle because I didn't believe I had an Addis the right size. I made two different trips to my local yarn store, I finally had the right size needles. I switched from the bryspun (which isn't my favorite, but is okay) to the Addis. I then finished up the back making notes on the pattern each time I made change. As I was binding off the last shoulder - guess what I noticed? I had switched to a size 4US Addis, instead of a 3US! What an idiot. I did not rip the back again. I cast on both sleeves on V-day and I'm about halfway through the increase sleeve shaping. It's going fast and I'm enjoying the process - keeping the pattern intact and just flying along on an Addis Turbo size 3US!! I know what the measurements need to be now, so I will just continue along. The front will eventually be knit on size 2s for the first 8 rows then size 4s for the rest. I can't believe I ripped and re-knit the back exactly the same! Bonehead!!!

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  1. Oh dear. That sounds like something I would do. :)


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