October 1, 2012

So Much I want to do

I have so many things on my cutting table right now and I'm just not sure where to start. 

First up is McCalls 6503 - I saw this pattern on another blog and loved how it turned out.  I have a beautiful green floral fabric that would be lovely.  I plan to do either the bottom left view with the stand up collar or the top right with the cross over bodice and folded back collar.  I will do the pleated skirt rather than the full skirt. 

But I can't decide if I just want to dig in and start or spend time making muslins to make sure it fits.  Yea - I should totally do that. 
Next up is Butterick 5454 - I have been so inspired by the wrap dresses being made by Elizabeth of Sewn

I have a lot of knits that would be perfect for this type of dress.  They are comfortable and easy to wear. 

So what's stopping me with this one?  My little belly.  Can you wear this style of dress and look fabulous with a pouch-y belly?  What do you think? 

And being inspired by Carolyn, I really, really want to pad my closet out with dresses.  They make leaving the house so easy. 

Finally - I bought Simplicity 1880 way back when Sunni hosted the 2-in-1 Shirt & Wrap Dress Sewalong.  

Again - I have the perfect fabric and I got some great tips while the sewalong was going on.  But I haven't started. 

And I totally need to get my act together because this upcoming weekend is the Fall Sewing Retreat that is put on my by local ASG Chapter.  I am signed up, have a room mate for sleeping and will have my space ready.  With 32 lovely women to sew with for 3 days and get fitting help - well, see what I mean? 

This week I need to get over my damn body issues and just start tracing and cutting fabric already.  I learned long ago that I'm far more productive at retreat if I take things ready to go.  I'd be happy to work on the fit of these 3 dresses all 3 days and then make wearable clothes after retreat. 

My birthday is fast approaching and I need some new clothes.  So what do you all think?  Would you work on fitting issues?  All three of these dresses are very classic and once fitted could just be made over and over?  Should I work on all three?  Are the McCalls and Simplicity too similar to work on both of them?  Should I exchange one for a classic sheath dress? 


  1. Those are some pretty dresses!
    Hope all is well... miss hearing from you!

  2. Love all three dresses/patterns. Can't help with the sewing/fit issues, but I can tell you that a true wrap "flaps" kindly so I would think it would mask any belly issues you might or not really have.

    LOVE the top right in #1. I'd guess that skirt is full enough to allow a little body forgiveness.

  3. Go for it...take all three and work out the fit with friends. If the muslining goes good, you may even get one done up! If you have a sheath pattern and fabric in mind...take that too! Who knows? May the production Gods be ever in your favor! Sorry...totally ripped off and butchered that quote! Most of all have a good time and love your body just the way it is! You are beautiful! :)

  4. I think you should choose fabric that's not the fabric you want the final dresses in...cut it out in the three styles mentioned above...and take to the retreat. Where you can get fitting help on all three dresses so you'll have 3 well-fitted patterns and can make a bunch of dresses later on.

  5. The pattern you selected are great. If it was me, I'd work on the fit issues because then I would actually wear the dresses with confidence.

    Have fun at retreat, and Happy early Birthday!

  6. I like the McCalls and Butterick best. I also liked the idea of getting some cheapo fabric on sale and making them up with the advice of the others at retreat. Then when you see how you like them on, go for the better fabrics.

  7. The McCalls and Simplicity are very similar, so I'd choose one and start with that and the Butterick. I think I'd also look into a sheath dress. By all means, take the patterns and fabric that could be a wearable muslin to your sewing retreat, and use the expertise of others to get your fit just right.

    And don't worry about having a little tummy issue. It's the price of having kids, and your girls are well worth that little price. You're tall, and carry your weight well. And since I've seen you IRL, I should know, right?

  8. Oh gosh, these are all questions for Channon. I can't think on Monday's after night shift let alone about wardrobes..Im so lacking in that dept. My mom didnt' really teach us to dress well..although she was always very very stylish..odd huh?

  9. I would probably choose the dress in the middle which is very cute and with the tie waste allows some flexibility with sizing. This Summer is the first time I've worn dresses in many many years and I'm really enjoying wearing them. I think you should just dive in and make one up!!! Hope you have a spectacular birthday celebration :))

  10. If you made a muslin of the bodice, neckband and the midrif band on the McCalls dress, that would be enough to work out fittings. It is a pretty forgiving pattern as it has gathers under the bust that can be adjusted. The bust area is very roomy, and others who have blogged about the pattern have thought this as well. I would shorten the neckband next time so that it brings the dress down against my skin instead of gaping away from me. Your retreat sounds amazing!! I am so envious of you! I didn't even know such things existed!! How lovely!

  11. I would definitely work on the first two dresses at the retreat. Fitting is everything - take advantage of the resources!! Bring some muslin and plan to create a master pattern for each!


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