October 11, 2012

Still No Dresses

How about some old business for Dogs on Thursday and Thankful Friday?

The Princess gave JB these lovely dog themed beer signs when we went to visit her in May.  What?  You didn't know we were in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island back in May.  Oh dear.

Bloodhound Brew
Beer So Good It'll Make You Drool
100% Howl-Ahol 

Headstrong Hound
Beer & Biscuit
"All Hail the Scented Trail
That Leads Us to a Pint of Ale"
I do love them and need to find a place and a way to add them to my decor. 

Now if you want the true take on retreat - or sew camp - click over to my friend Maris' blog and read her post all about it.  You can even see Wendy wearing the border print dress from the other days' post.

Thankfuls :: good friends who act as shrinks and help you work through body image issues :: having my own yarn shop in the basement :: new recipes that work :: Fall and the changing of the leaves - yes it happens here too :: healthy dogs :: kids who grew into responsible adults :: instagram :: good books::

What are you thankful this week?


  1. Love the python top and that shot of your dress from the other blogger.

    LOVE those signs, especially the basset one!

  2. Your dress is really pretty. I love your friend's "10 Lies" and pictures. And I'm sure you can find a place for those signs; maybe in the den?

  3. IM thankful for autumn in chicago
    taffy apples
    pajama bottoms at 3pm ....
    My cats

  4. Your dress is fabulous: I love the border print.

    Thankfuls: flu vaccines, projects that use scraps, al the fallen leaves are raked and bagged.

  5. Today I am thankful for the ability/resources for short notice air flights, mindless knitting for Christmas gifts, being with family in a time of unexpected loss and grief. For friends and community in times of expected loss and grief.
    JB's beer/ale signs are awesome!

  6. Love those little white lies about camp. Those signs will be great in the B & B.


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