September 24, 2012

I'm still alive

Back in August, before we took a road trip to Yellowstone
(which I haven't told you about - but was lovely)
I won a contest giving out a copy of Cast On Bind Off.

This is an amazing little book and if you are a knitter - well you NEED it.
Since I'm always knitting - I decided to try out some different ways to cast on
and bind off.
I've knit 3 pairs of socks since vacation.

The first pair of socks were Carrie's Blackberry Brambles.
I won this pattern 3 years ago for naming the pattern and the yarn has been around that long too.
I tried the Channel Island Cast On on page 56.
It took me a minute to figure it out.
It's stretchy and pretty when the sock isn't on.
Looks perfectly normal when wearing the socks.

Next was another pair of top down socks - this time a test knit.
I decided to use the Slip Knot Cast On from page 59.
Again - took me a minute to figure it out.
This one was lovely transitioning to the k2p2 rib.
Super stretchy and looks fabulous on.

Finally - I had a pair of toe up socks that I was ready to finish.
This time the pattern was the Simple Skyp socks - heavily modified.
I tried the Elastic Bind Off on page 170.
I think it took more yarn than my usual toe up bind off,
however, there is absolutely no binding at the top of the socks.
So - if you are a knitter - go get this book.  It's worth every penny!


  1. Sounds like a helpful book to have on the reference shelf.

    Three pair of socks? Good job!

  2. It's on my list... for when I have time to knit and buy knitting books again!

  3. That looks like an awesome book! How fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pics! I love seeing other people's opinions of this one. It was one of my most favorite items to review this year!

  5. WHat a review....its going on my wish list.....


  6. Okay - I'm sold. This one is going on my wish list as well!

  7. I think I need this one too. Great looking socks !

  8. The cover's pretty, and I like your pictures of the pages with your finished results!


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