June 27, 2012

Sorbetto and Straight Skirt

Many of you know, I have long wanted a straight skirt tha fits me.  This one still isn't perfect - but it's darn close. 

The skirt while more winter than summer like was perfect for yesterday - the top, not so much.  The skirt is a stretch twill with a tiny white pinstripe.  The pattern is Simplicity 2154.  This version fits much better than the first, as I managed to smooth that crazy hip curve out. 

For some reason - the brown pinstripe told me it needed a floral top to wear with it.  I should start taking pics before I leave for work - the shoes don't really work and the cardi is totally the wrong color - but such is my life apparently.

The top if my first version of Sorbetto.  It's an easy top.  It looks a bit long on me in this picture.  And I did notice that at the end of the day the hem wouldn't lay flat, so I could be just a smidge shorter.

The front fits well .  I sewed the 'pleat' down the entire lenght of the top so there is no pulling.

The back, however, is a mess.  It still needs a sway back adjustment. 

The binding is a pink ginham that I tea died to make it not so white against the floral fabric. 

The maxi still isn't hemmed, but i have been sewing.  So that feels good.  Now if only I could be as comfortable as Carolyn in front of the camera.    



  1. I think you look great in front of the camera. Wow if I could just learn how to sew and take one pattern and 5 fabrics and make the same dress in 5 diffrent fabrics I would be in heaven!!!! I am so jealous! I love the skirt!! Im not much into wearing florals but the top does look good on you!

  2. Pretty outfit - yay for you on the skirt - close to perfect is VERY good considering the fight you've had trying to get a good straight skirt !

  3. You may not think it's perfect, but I love it - the whole outfit is a hit!

  4. You finished the Sorbetto!! Awesome! I love it, and the skirt too!

  5. So cute!! I love them together, and the fit on the skirt looks really great.
    It makes me want to take another stab at the Sorbetto - mine was a dismal failure. Yours is so lovely!

  6. Great-looking ensemble!

    You are sooo tempting me to try garment sewing again.

  7. LOVE the tea-dyed gingham. What a nice touch!

    I'm in awe of your sewing skills. I'd say both top and skirt fit very well, but what do I know?!

  8. First taking pictures is hard and the reason I look "comfortable" is because I only let my daughter take them. She makes me laugh. She smoothes my hair down or adjusts things before she takes them. She just gets it about the process which really helps. Do you want me to loan her to you? But she comes with the Little Prince and his sister...and that is ALOT of noise! *LOL*

    As for the skirt - I'm really liking it! Make a couple more...it will make the process easier and you will fix the last niggling little fit things. And I agree with you about the length of the Sorbetto...finally you are so on trend mixing stripes & florals! *smile*

  9. It's 100 degrees here today and tomorrow is supposed to be 110, so seeing you in the sweater makes me want to pack my bags and head north.

  10. Lovely! I find the same problem with straight/pencil skirts. The fit, with my curves, is almost impossible.

    But I did finally find a great pattern; a vintage maternity pencil skirt pattern! I plan on make adjustments after the baby is born, to add a few to my wardrobe.

  11. Actually, I think pink and brown go together. I'm glad you got that skirt to work, and your top came out great for a first version. Mine always need tweaking to be perfect, then I wear out the pattern making it in a bazillion colors. Glad you're sewing again.

  12. I think you look so awesome.......I wish I could sew, but knitting keeps me happy now.....do you read Lynn's blog: wonderfullymade.blogspot.com

  13. oops its wonderfullymade1.blogspot.com

  14. I think you're awesome, just for sitting down, cutting out fabric, making adjustments, sewing, finishing touches, then standing in front of a camera. A lot of work tha paid of in beauty. Nice Job

  15. Hi gMarie!

    Thank you so much for introducing yourself at my blog. I have often "seen" you over at Chan's and Marjie's and I having been meaning to pop over.

    I wish that I could sew but it just isn't in my genes. Neither is baking I might add:) I have however experimented with tea dying, lol...

    Your outfit looks fine to me. I'm in awe of the fact that you created it yourself:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  16. Lovely work! I just made the Sorbetto too, and the back looks the same as yours and I thought I would just have to live with it - so thanks for the suggestion about a "sway back" alteration! I don't know what it is, but I will go and look it up now and give it a try. Thanks so much!

  17. I am major impressed! An apron is about as far as I go with sewing. :)
    Good job! Love your top and the outfit is super together!
    Have a wonderful 4th!


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