July 6, 2012

On A Stick?

Nope - on a person.  Sorry - bad joke. 

So this is the Dianne made maxi.  JB still says it looks like a muu muu.  Come to find out - it's the fabric he doesn't like.  The fabric is a paisley silky from the fake fabric store.  But I saw it and fell in love and I knew it wanted to be a maxi.

I lined the entire dress in a very soft cotton.  To do this - I just cute the dress twice.  In the bodice, I used the 'lining' as facings and changed the construction order so that all the edges are finished and inside the dress.  The two skirts hang free of each other.

You can't really see it here - but I changed the ribbon to 2 small green ribbons.  They matched better than the huge bring pink ribbon - which was a dead match for the pink in the fabric, but really stood out and yelled - hey!  Look at me. 

In the top photo, I am leaning back and thrusting my stomach forward.  I got 7 chances to get a decent photo.  JB is not very patient while taking photos.  He doesn't understand.  Oh well.  Would be nice if I could get him to take some time so maybe I could forget he's snapping. 

This dress was comfortable and easy to wear.  It wasn't too hot (which I was afraid of with the silky fabric and full lining).  And surprisingly, while I was concerned with the muu muu comment - I felt pretty all day. 

Win / Win.  Right? 


  1. You - and the dress - ARE pretty, so I'm glad you felt that way. I love the fabric and the design!

  2. Looks great!! I love the fabric too!

  3. I really like that dress. Men are terrible about taking photos unless it's something of great interest to them. You need to have a woman friend take them and you can take them for her.

  4. Men... what do they know? lol Win, Win!

  5. The dress is very pretty, and you look great wearing it.

    Isn't it surprising how much power we give to what others say instead of how we feel? It's okay to take back that power.

  6. Win!! The dress is pretty and you feel good in it - definite win!!
    My DH is actually really patient about picture taking, but I'm so picky I just got a tripod and use a timer. Then I can take as long/as many pictures as I want and I only have myself to blame when they aren't good enough. :)

  7. You know when I saw the first picture I was worried but when I saw the 2nd one I could see why you felt pretty in it all day.

  8. So funny, I was just thinking about muu muus the other day. My mother was famous for wearing them in the heat of the summer back in the day and now I know why!!!

    Thanks for sharing, gMarie...

  9. Win/Win, indeed! It has shape, so that makes it not a muu muu. Take that, Mr. JB. I think it's pretty, but sometimes men just don't understand pretty, girly fabric. I made a tan, sleeveless dress with a small paisley design, and my dearly beloved hated it. He couldn't even tell me why. I put it in the Goodwill pile without ever wearing it. *sigh* Men.

  10. I love it! I agree with Marjie...it's not a muu-muu if it has shape. You look beautiful in it and the fabric is awesome. Very cheerful. : )

  11. Win/win and soooo pretty and flattering. It most definitely has shape and the ribbon change has worked well. This is the type of dress I love to wear in hot weather - you get to feel beautiful while also feeling comfortable. And you, Gaylen, always look amazing in pink and green.

    Look, even your blood houndies adore you in this (their adoring glances can't have anything to do with any treats you may be hiding in your hands)

    This dress is a winner!!!

  12. You look so lovely. I want one


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