June 11, 2012

Block Party

I recently knit a few shawls.
They were both quick and easy.

The first was Lazy Katy
And both The Princess and KnitTea knit along with me.
We started on May 27th.
the yarn was Misti Alpaca Handpainted Sock - that I bought in Mystic, CT.
The shape is lovely and the shawl will soon get a post of it's own.  
The second was Holbrook by Irish Girlie Knits.
This is a sample for TNNA and I need to get it mailed.
The yarn was Anzula's Dreamy and it's properly named.

Yesterday, they both got a bath and then a little layout in the sun.
Blocking sis something I need lots more work doing.  But they are good.


  1. Stunning!! I wonder if I'll have time tonight to do the last two rows and bind off?

  2. They're very pretty. I love the lacy edges! And your colors are really nice.

  3. Simply gorgeous! Great job.

  4. Gorgeous , I WISH I COULD GET My head around lace....but I just can't......yet....some day...


  5. Blocking is the pits, isn't it? When I finish knitting I want to be done or to have the blocking fairies come overnight and do it for me.

    Same with hemming.

  6. Wow!!! Stunning - both of them! I don't think you need work on blocking - they look perfect to me :) I'm about to block a shawl too - my favorite part of knitting shawls ~ enjoy and have a fun weekend!


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