June 18, 2012

I Did It Again

Nope, no sewing. But I'm getting ready for it. Honest.
Rather - JB and I hit an estate sale. 

He couldn't leave behind this beautiful pewter hostess set.
There is a tray, coffee and tea pots, creamer and sugar as well as an open bowl.
Anyone know what the open bowl was originally used for?

Sorry for the really blurry photo
That's a pumpkin at the top of the lids. 

Of course, this set was really expensive.  And since he's been watching a lot of American Pickers
he found something to bundle with it. 

Yea - I got another set of china.

This is Royal Staffordshire in the Tonquin pattern, in brown - I think.
I say - I think because I can't find it online.
It's a service for 12 with some additional serving pieces.

Look at how pretty the scene in the center of each piece is.
This makes 13 different sets of dishes.
I have 3 sets of china, 2 sets of everyday - all complete with serving pieces.
the remaining 8 sets are just 4 dinner plates and either the bowls or salad plates.
I'm out of room - I cannot buy another set - or I'll have to buy a new house.

Just a reminder - someday we hope to own a B&B.
I'm just building up stock.


  1. These are all wonderful pieces, and I can see why they came home with you. Enjoy!

  2. Fabulous finds! Love the china pattern. Let me see the open bowl close-up... I have a couple of ideas but can't begin to guess without a clearer look.

  3. Is it a slop bowl?

    Or maybe a bowl to put used teaspoons in, kind of like a fancy pewter spoon rest.

  4. When can I make my reservations at your B and B???

    GMarie's B and B???

  5. Both sets are really pretty. It's nice that Jay supports your china obsession, even if he is going to have to build shelves somewhere to hold the overflow until you get that B&B!

  6. Rob and I couldn't agree on a china pattern for the first fourteen years we were married. Now we have six sets of dishes. I always wanted Christmas china and finally got it.

  7. Those are all great finds, but my favorite is the hostess set. Love the pumpkins on the top. : )


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