September 11, 2011

United We Stand

Being the dog lover that I am - as I think about the events of 9-11-01 and remember all who responded, I also think about the dogs and their handlers who responded. Some have already perished, sadly.

Moxie, 13, from Winthrop, Massachusetts, arrived with her handler, Mark Aliberti, at the World Trade Center on the evening of September 11 and searched the site for eight days.  Picture taken from an email - credits to Charlotte Dumas/Bancroft USA.

Charlotte Dumas, a photographer has travelled the country to take photographs of the remaining dogs.  Her book is titled Retrieved

I am so very grateful to all the police and fire personal who responded from around the country.  Who are still dealing with the remembrances of that day.

I am also so very grateful to the people who serve our country and continue to give sacrifices for a war that seems to be never ending. If you share your spouse with the military - thank you.

Go read Carolyn's account of her days surrounding September 11 - it's quite moving from someone who lives in NJ and works in NY.  And go check out Chan and Angie's posts. 


  1. First responders from near here went to NYC to help. The middle and high schools stopped teaching, and just watched the TVs in horror. Truly, the world did stop turning for a while.

  2. I am at a loss...I will never forget the events of that day. Another great survivor story from 9/11 is of Michael Hingson and his guide dog Roselle. Roselle lead Michael down 1463 stairs that day to safety. She was an amazing dog. Michael came to work for guide dogs for awhile after 9/11 and he would use a desk in the nursing office when he came up to Oregon. Roselle liked to help herself to Jo's food if it was down. I may, or may not have left it down on purpose! :) Mike just released a book about that day.

  3. My brother and my cousin watched it unfold in NYC...

  4. I think I might need to go buy that book...


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