September 16, 2011

Too Much For Work?

This is actually my first version of Vogue 1250.  It's a lovely heathered brown that I picked up at Hancocks Fabrics.  It has a ton of extra fabric across the back width - you notice I haven't show you a photo of my backside in this dress.

Because I have seen so many of you belt this dress, I decided to try that to help suck in some of the excess fabric across the back.

I actually started out the door this morning without the cardigan.  Which, if I had known I was going to end up wearing a cardigan all day I would have grabbed blue since I wore blue pumps and blue earings and there is a little bit of blue in the cream belt I added.

Let me ask the garment people - see all the wrinkles above the belt and how much drape there is in the top?  Did I add too much with my full bust adjustment?  From the waist down the fit is perfect - seriously.  It skims my lumps, bumps and curves and while this fabric is a bit too revealing - well I didn't mind too much.  But both versions I have made so far (and yes, I think there will be more) have tons of fabric in the top and I'm wondering if I should readjust the top to take some of the extra I added out.  I added an 1" full bust adjustment.

As for the post title - when I first put this dress on, I thought it was just too much for work but I ended up wearing it to work anyway.


  1. First I don't think it's too much for work at all! You look very professional in it. Next take out what you added - I know some people have needed an FBA but I didn't and quite a few people didn't and I'm not small busted by any means.

  2. Doesn't the pic of the pattern show draping down over the belly ? And does the belt not then smooth the dress over the belly but move those drapes UP ? Maybe that's all you're seeing ?

    Anyway, I like this one too and for sure doesn't look too much for work !

    Mine came Monday - thanks :-) - and it's been killing me all week to wait for the weekend LOL. I've been poring over the instructions and the fabric choices...will there be a new dress in my 'near' future?

  3. I agree that it's perfectly acceptable for work. I intend to wear my version to a client meeting next week!

    But I'm thinking you should skip the FBA on this. There seems to be an awful lot of excess fabric up top, even for a cowl. I think it would be more flattering without it.

    I may whip up another one tonight - I'm having a sew night since Mark is out of town.

  4. OH! Forgot to say that I love the blue accessories with this. Very cute!!

  5. Love, love LOVE it, esp. with the blue accessories.

    Glad you have plenty of help with the technical questions, because you know...

  6. I think it looks great for work, but I'd forget about adding the extra fabric.

  7. I love the way you've styled it! I agree that the FBA is an overkill though. I'm a full D cup and I didn't need one.

  8. I think it looks wonderful on you, and the blue sweater is perfect with it. I have picked out a poly knit fabric to try this dress out this weekend. I'm going to try cutting the 14 for the bust, and grading downward for the waist and hips instead of the FBA. I'll let you know how that works out. I have also found with the draped tops I've made that I need to make the back a little narrower than the pattern calls for, to control the draping a little better. Like I said, I'll let you know how it works out.

    And I love that cardi with it! I have a jacket pattern that's very similar, and might make one to make this work for fall (I'm always cold).

  9. Very purdy - and no, not too much for work!

  10. Overall it looks good, and - again - is such a flattering length for your great legs.

    Cowl-necked fronts aren't the easiest as we need to balance both drape and "neckline plungyness", though I confess the last time I sewed one was in 1983 (aged 18 so I was still a teenager!), making costumes for a University Drama Club production.

    Ah - I'm now older and much wider .....

    Sending care and huggles to you, JB and the houndies, Michelle (Zebby Cat is asleep - hooray)

  11. What an awesome dress!!! I love the fabric at the top ~ it gives it a greecian feel and I think it's PERFECT for the office. Very smart looking :) Love your purse you also picked up. I remember last year it was boots you were after!


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