September 8, 2011

Combining 2 Things I Love

Dresses and Dogs

This is my second version of Vogue 1250.
It feels almost "too sexy to wear to work"
but wear it to work I did.
and I was comfortable all day and only a little self conscious.

the dogs are Beau and Lucy.
I was holding a squeaker that Lucy liberated
and teasing her with it.

You can't see it - but the back has a bit too much extra fabric.
I think I've figure out how to eliminate that - with the next version.
I spent about 2.5 hours last Friday altering the pattern.
I used Debbie's technique for a full bust adjustment and added another 3" to the skirt.
and now I'm busy looking for more knits to make into this dress.


  1. Kudos to you for working a success with one of Vogue's sewing patterns! I'm all thumbs with those.

    The dress is fabulous!!!

  2. That is friggin' awesome!! I love it - right down to the fabric. It's very flattering too... I think you look better than the twiggy model on the pattern's site.

  3. Your V1250 is gorgeous Gaylen! They're addictive! I cleansed my palette with a much needed ironing board cover (boring!) and now I'm getting on with other utilitarian projects like the leggings from fabric I bought when we went to Fabric Depot. Thank goodness those go fast!

  4. Great dress! It looks like it could go from office to evening well.

  5. Gaylen - you look gorgeous and that dress is a stunner.

    I've been following G-Carolyn's sewing for a few weeks now (thanks to you) - wow, you two sure know how to make the most of this pattern, and how to make garments made from it look outstanding on your beautiful selves.

    Sending much care and many huggles to yourself, the darling houndies and your dear husband,

    Michelle (who must get sewing again soon - after some knitting of course) xxxx and Zebby Cat purrrrumbles

  6. Silly me - Carolyn is C-Marie (loving new her silk and wool dress)

    Michelle xxx

  7. That's very nice. I like not only the style, but the fabric is perfect.

    I always liked working with Vogue patterns. They seemed very detailed.

  8. You look AMAZING in your V1250! Isn't it just the easiest dress to sew!?! And I hope you find more fabric to make it in because you look beautiful in this version!

  9. I love everything about that dress. The color is perfect on you. I don't see anything wrong with it for the office, and I think this version would look wonderful with a cream colored jacket when the weather cools down, too.

    Now to check your link on increasing the drapiness of cowls!

  10. Very sophisticated. Make more - you look lovley!

  11. That dress is gorgeous ! Definitely fine for the office.

    If it looks half as good on me as it does on you and everyone else, I've got a stack of knits just ready to go - LOL

    BTW - love the little 'spoiled dogs' sign on the door behind you.

  12. Oooohhhh, I like this one! Very pretty! And very flattering!

  13. Fuzzbusters!! I love the puppies, they are so cute :o)

    And the cowl addition came out really nice - kudos!

  14. Not too sexy for work! I love it! I think you look fabulous in it. :)

  15. It looks great!! I think it's totally work appropriate, but I know Carolyn (of Sewing Fanatic Diary) wears hers with a cardigan or jacket for a work day look. Your print is really lovely. How addictive is this pattern?!


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