September 1, 2011


Monday was a very sad day in blogland, I got an email from Marjie telling me that dear, sweet Thor had passed.  You can head over to her blog and send your condolences.  Regardless of how long the dog's life was - it's just never long enough.  The give us so much and only ask to be treated gently, loved and given food.  The house of MDO&H did just that and I know they have a large gaping hole in their family right now.

Thor as a baby.  Wasn't he adorable?

Thor at his 4th Birthday.

Both Chan and Sue have also posted lovely tributes to this beautiful boy.

Rest in Peace Dear Thor, I'm so sad I never got to meet you and scratch your head.  


  1. Dignity is the word that comes to mind when I think of Thor. We miss him.

  2. Gentleman. Thor was always a gentleman-dog. I too am so sorry never got to admire his lovely manners in person.

  3. Thank you for your Thorsday tribute. I know Thor would have just adored you.


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