June 8, 2010

Gift of Friendship

My friend NicHole (spelled like that because I always forget the H - sorry Nic), had a little contest on her blog. See she reviews books and products all the time - crafting and dog related. Well she had two volumes of Vogue Knitting's Stitchionary 5 to give away. Fortunately for me, the winner left no way to contact her and never responded to the winning post. So, since I had volunteered to take the book off Nic's hands she sent it to me as a little surprise. And quite the surprise it was. See, when JB brought the mail in - rather than put it in the kitchen, he put it by my knitting spot on the couch! Immediately I started thumbing through it. I found a very pretty stitch pattern. In fact it was so pretty, I ripped back my recently started Friendship socks to incorporate the lovely lace design - which in all honesty will get lost in the busy yarn but will keep my mind and hands occupied so it's all good. The yarn? Yarn Love's elizabeth bennet, and the colorway is called Friendship. The yarn was a gift from Camilla and all along I figured it would be socks for JB - but no, it's mine. It got caked up and placed into a brown bag for my personal sock club and Channon picked it for the June sock club. So now, three very dear friends have had a hand in the making of these socks and they shall be mine! Thank you Nichole for the book. I shall enjoy it immensely!


  1. You're so very welcome! :) I LOL when you volunteered to be an alternate winner... little did we know, I needed you! ha ha

    LOVE that yarn... and can not wait to see the socks as they come along! VERY cool. :)

  2. I got the other copy of the book and I love it too, so now 4 friends are involved!!!

  3. I'm glad it arrived when you needed a little pick-me-up!

  4. It arrived at just the right time, when a dear friend needed some cheering up. How lucky for you!

  5. I'm so glad you had something to make you smile. :)


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