June 21, 2010

Busy, But Unproductive Weekend

Saturday saw me up at the crack of dawn - just like it was any other workday. JB and I harnessed up the house ponies (Beau & Lucy) and went for a quick walk to the latte stand. Then we both headed out in different directions. I had a date with Costco. Got everything on my list and was home clearing out back episodes of Army Wives from the dvr. I love that show but sometimes. . . . . after that, I finished the last 2 knit row and the bind off on the shawl I was working on. Took me more than an hour to bind that sucker off! It looked tiny just off the needles - but it blocked out to a lovely size. The Princess is taking it on an adventure and for some glamour shots today, so maybe a finished object soon.
After that I ripped the two offending panels out of the Mexico Skirt but that's as far as I got.
Sunday had us picking The Princess up at the airport and then we took JB to a beer fest for father's day. We BBQ with friends afterwards, had strawberry shortcake and played games.
it was a good weekend - but now all my "domestic chores" are still waiting to be done.


  1. So, what will you do with the two extra panels now?

    Hi to the Princess and extra loves for Dudders.

  2. You had a busy weekend. We were slugs. It's too hot here to do anything outside.

  3. And sometimes putting the chores aside for a day or two is the right thing to do. You enjoyed each other's company. The rest works out.

  4. Do you really think the dust puppies will become offended and leave if you don't chase them out? Let me know how that works out for you, because it never happens here. Have fun with the Princess!

  5. Quiet down cobwebs and
    Dust go to Sleep
    I am knitting my projects
    And Knitting don't keep!!!

    There are priorities!!!! sounds like a great weekend

  6. You guys were a good kind of busy it sounds like. And don't worry, those chores will still be there next weekend, and after that, and after that.... LOL


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