October 13, 2009

What I Learned at Sew Camp

After the first time I ever went to Sew Camp - I learned that if I go to the retreat with things cut out and ready to go, I get lots more done. This time I took 8 pairs of flannel jams, some project bags and needles rolls and a big stack of knits that just needed a weekend out of the cupboard apparently. But I did learn a few things. First - I expect way too much of myself. I had expected to have all the flannel pants finished on Friday. I mean seriously - they don't take long. When I didn't have them finished, I spent more time walking around the sewing room, looking at what everyone else was making and visiting. That was good too - but it would have been nicer to come home with more finished projects. Second - as much as I love sewing. It's not nearly as relaxing for me as knitting. When I sew, I sit on the edge of my chair and hunch over the machine, my back starts to ache after a long day and I get knots in my shoulders. When I knit I sit back and my shoulders relax. They are both creative and they both fill a need in my life - but sewing doesn't relax me quite the same way that knitting does. Third - apparently, I'm not as big as I think I am. I made the top from the favorite things jammy pattern. I took my measurements before I cut it out, and I cut out a large, blending to an XL at the hip. I put it together, put bias tape around the edges and tried it on so the straps could be pinned in the back. Way, way, way too big. It will still get finished and I'll have a nice new pair of jams - but not nearly as big as what I cut out.


  1. Congrats on not being as big as you think you are! Embrace that thinner you...

  2. OK, so you could have said, "Dangitall! My jams are waaaaayyyy too small and I'll have to give them to Lucy, who won't wear them anyway...." or you could have said "Yeah! I overestimated my own girth!" I'm glad it was the latter!

    I make sure to sit up straight while sewing, and do all of my cutting and pinning at the breakfast room table, so I have to get up and walk back and forth. Otherwise, I'd be aching, too.

    Glad you had a good weekend, even if not as good as you'd hoped.

  3. Sewing is also more solitary. I'm at my machine or work table and usually by myself. With knitting I can be in front of the TV, chatting with Rob or visiting with a friend.

    It was nice of you to give your knits a weekend out of the closet. I'm sure they appreciated it.

  4. I need to make myself some new jams too. I was noticing that my two flannel pair have see-through knees/and or exposed elastic in the waistband. Shall we say a "little" worn?

  5. i think it takes a while for the eyes to catch up to the new body. or the brain to catch up...
    anyway, that is fabulous news!! sorry you didn't get as much done as you wanted but realizing you're not as fat as you thought? well, that's way worth it! :D

  6. Oh, homemade flannel jams, how lovely that would be! My mom used to make them for me when I was little.... dang I wish I could sew in a straight line! LOL

    What a nice surprise to find out you aren't nearly as large as you thought you were! We are our own worst critics it would seem. :)


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