October 29, 2009


Today - instead of sharing my dogs - I'm going to share about Simon. He's not mine to share, but we all know about blog Karma and Simon could use some right now.
His mom, Shannon, is an incredible seamstress/garment maker. She makes all of her clothing and wears them with incredible style. Simon assists her by hanging with her and making sure she takes periodic breaks to stretch her back and walk him.
Last week Shannon received some very bad news about Simon. She described it as being sucker punched. We all know how that feels when one of our loved ones isn't well. Go read about Simon and send whatever karma and goodness you believe in out to help them both.


  1. Thanks for sharing about Simon and Shannon. I had not been acquainted with her blog. One of my favorite things to do is look at the blogs of people who sew really well and admire their talent. I also LURVE dogs as the rest of us do like they are my children. So for both of the reasons, I'm happy to know Shannon and Simon and will be happy to go over and leave some words!

  2. How nice of you to mention a doggie in need of good karma. Simon looks like the kind of guy you'd just want to hug.

  3. We'll send good wishes times ten.

  4. Sending loads of good karma... he's a cutie!

  5. I agree with Margie... Simon looks like the kind of pup you want to rush to love on... and it sounds like he could use it too!

  6. Sending lots of healing vibes his way.


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