October 16, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

When I was cleaning out the sewing room to have the windows installed - I came across lots of stuff that I hadn't had anything to do with for many, many years. One of those things was cross -stitching. I recently packed up all of my cross-stitch supplies and packed them off to Sue.

I did keep this little beauty. I made it when the girls were little for one of them - don't even remember which girl it was for. The cross stitch was finished - but never finished. Oh well - I guess I can frame it for my new grand-dog. It's signed gh 87 - yes, I made that 22 years ago!



  1. G,I can top that. If I had stayed married to husband #1 I'd be married 35 yrs. Double Ouch!!!!! I should be old enough to be married 35 yrs to anyone.

  2. I made a couple of cross stitch things when mine were babies. I am proud of myself for framing and hanging them. None compares to the crewel work pieces my aunt-in-law the nun made for my first and second sons; they are hanging in their rooms in 14x18" frames. Sadly, we lost her 3 weeks before our third son was born.

  3. As I believe you know, I have a whole drawer full of unfinished cross stitch projects. The stitching is done, but I didn't turn them into pillows because, well... I don't sew. I framed some, but...

  4. I've still got several that my Mom cross-stitched for me when I was a baby. Very dear to my heart.

  5. What a sweet cross stitch!! You should frame it and save it for a grandbaby :)

  6. We don't know for sure that you have a grand-dog... but hopefully you will soon...


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