October 3, 2006

It's Funny

the little things that will trigger a memory. This morning I had a frozen waffle for breakfast. As I was spreading peanut butter on it, I clearly remember my Grandmother telling me about one of her first dates after she was widowed. It was a double date and they went to the local Waffle House. Once they were served, it was a race to see who could get butter into each and every little waffle box first. That made me smile this morning. On the sewing front - I finished hemming the suede skirt this morning. Still needs to be pressed. Last night I changed the threads in both the sewing machine and serger. I got both the cotton Amy Buttler skirt shell and the lining put together. Tonight I hope to insert the zipper, attach the waistband and hem both pieces. This skirt is very full and the print is busy, so a small machine hem it will be :) I say hope, because last week I had a root canal and yesterday I broke the tooth. Tonight I have an emergency dental appointment to get the rough spot on the tooth taken care of and keep food out of the tooth until I get the crown installed at the end of November! UGH! If I had known I was going to end up putting this much money into my mouth - I never would have paid for braces. I'm glad I did, I smile more, but this is ridiculous!!! Happy sewing everyone.

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