October 11, 2006

Another Skirt Finished

So, last night I finished the brown print skirt. This is the really cute tonal brown print with blue flower centers. I made my favorite KS skirt - 3098, View D. This is the 4th time I've made this skirt. This time, I wanted it a little bit fuller, so on the side seams I measured out 1" and then tapered this back in to the original side seam about 9" up from the bottom. I had Blue cotton thread that was a perfect match to the flower centers and I topstitched the seams with the blue thread. It's very subtle, you can't tell unless you're really close. I turned up a small (3/4") hem and sewed on the machine with a blind hem. I drafted a lining pattern that attached to the facings. However, since the main fabric is rather heavy, I ended up finishing the edges of the both the facing and the lining on the serger and then used a lapped seam to connect them. I also used a little double stick fusible to make sure they stayed put while I sewed the seam. I then added some blue lace to the hem of the lining. I finished this skirt last night. This morning I took it a-l-l the way upstairs (our house is 3 stories and the sewing room is in the basement) to our bedroom to try on. Better late than never right? While I was digging in my dresser for a turtleneck to wear with a different skirt, I happened to see a 3/4 sleeve blue turtleneck from Old Navy. This sweater is 2 years old, but a great match to the blue flowers - so guess what I wore to work today? Yep! The new skirt and blue turtleneck. Also this morning before getting ready for work, I took the center front gored section of the Amy Butler skirt, placed it on the fold - letting the cut edge of the pattern piece hang over the fold by 5/8". I made this work, because the top of the pattern piece is basically straight, and then it flares out. Doing this I was able to lose about 4" of the width at the hem. I basted the new center front piece into the previously made muslin and I like this so much better. So tonight a pink and brown print will be cut out and hopefully sewn. I'm feeling like I'm actually accomplishing something these days! Happy Sewing.

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