October 10, 2006

I Found It!!!

The camera cable that is. Here I am standing in the entry way of our home having JB take a couple of pictures.

I'm not really sure that I like the fold that is happening right in the center front of this skirt. But it looked good all day and was comfortable to wear.

It isn't obvious from the line drawings, but the skirt is 3 pieces - front, side and back. Each cut out twice. The fronts are seamed right down the center. Maybe narrowing the front section and cutting it on the fold wout do away with that funky little flippy fold. Then again, you might end up losing some of the fullness that makes it so fun. I'll take it to my ASG this weekend and see if they have any ideas.

Off to bed now. I've had a busy week (and it's only Monday!)


  1. Your outfit looks really nice and since it was comfortable to wear I'd say it is a definite keeper.

  2. I like the skirt. Sometimes things show up more in photos but in real time it is not so obvious. I like the outfit. What skirt pattern is this?

  3. Never mind, I read the post below and figured out that the skirt was the KS one.


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