September 14, 2011

You've Heard it Existed

My white pencil skirt that is.  Now you can see proof. 

Almost immediately after getting the Simplicity skirt to fit one of the first variations I made was to make it a button front skirt.  It took nearly the entire month of July to make this skirt and it was honestly months in the planning.  I found the blue buttons at Sew Expo at the end of February, then bought the white denim in Portland when I meet Mary.

I cut the skirt out on July 4th, but then realized the fabric has more stretch then I anticipated and it was a bit sheer.  So - I prewashed some white muslin I had in the cupboards and slowly starting hand stitching each denim piece to the muslin and then used the denim as the pattern piece.

I had also made a red and white knit tee to wear with this, but the neckline stretched out too much while I was sewing it - even though I stabilized it.  When it didn't recover in the wash it immediately went into the round file.

Instead I wore a black, white and red tee that I made a couple years ago from a Vogue pattern.


  1. Really cute!! Totally worth the trouble even?

  2. Wow, what a project! Good for you for sticking with it and getting it done.

  3. Lovely! Glad to see you got it done! My Monique dress? Still haven't cut it out, so it will probably be next Spring...I'm moving on to Fall and Winter! :)

  4. It's just adorable! The buttons look really good. Now you should feel like you can just start cranking them out!

  5. That looks fantastic!

    I still need to finish my pencil skirt, one of these days!

  6. Wonderful! And viva la first alteration in button front skirts is to immediately get rid of the buttons! :-)

  7. What an excellent length - very flattering as your legs look great. Cute buttons, and the skirt looks so good with the top - I remember you blogging about making it.

    (I will be back blogging soon, promise!), sending care and huggles to you, JB and the houndies,

    Michelle and ol' Zebby Cat, xxx and puRRRumbles

  8. Quite impressive and looks good on you. I agree with Chan, totally worth all the trouble.


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