September 27, 2011

Small Sewing

Last Sunday I finally made it back down to the studio and re-traced Vogue 1250 without the full bust adjustment - but with the added room through the hips.  I had 3 yards of a slippery knit that I picked up at Joanns to trial the changes. 

3 yards is enough to cut out the blouse with it's very funny pattern pieces and just enough to cut the free Fringe Festival Knit Top from Fabric dot com.  But only because both the front and back have seams. 

I cut a 14 through the shoulders and bust, graded out to a 18 at the waist and bigger through the hips.  I put in an inch and half hem and the length is just perfect. 

The print is brown with orange, pink, yellow and white butterflies all over it.  If I make this again - I would do something different with the sleeves - they end at a funky length and make the tie longer and possibly wider so it could be doubled.  However - it was comfortable and easy to wear.  I wore it with my denim pencil skirt and a white cardigan, tights and brown pumps.  Unfortunately - I was home before JB - guess I need to learn to take mirror shots - or figure out the tripod, eh?


  1. Cute blouse!! I aspire to wear more blouses, but I need to go try a bunch on and see what styles work for me... huh?

  2. I love the pattern in the fabric. It looks fantastic!

  3. You ought to try the timer on your camera, since most have them! Your top looks really pretty, but I sympathize with the funky sleeve lengths. Bigger ties would be cute, too. Can't wait to see the V125; it's a great pattern.

  4. It looks cute, though I can't see the sleeves under the sweater.

  5. If you made them for me, I could actually wear blouses! When can I come visit you..huh, huh? Pretty please?


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