June 26, 2010


This was my clothesline on Thursday afternoon
the first day this year nice enough to peg the laundry out
I did a load of just my work skirts
I think you've seen most of these - all from KS 3337
from left to right:
daisy skirt; orange {red} NY; Fall 2007 Retreat;
black & white print; age is over-rated; embroidered cotton; and
the original AB version


  1. I bet my dogs would have a good time with that 'merry-go-round'. I can see them grabbing a hem and running in circles. Guess I'll stick to the dryer.

  2. Sue's comment made me giggle. Pretty skirts, one and all!

  3. Sue you made me giggle too! I can just see you chasing them around in circles too. It is nice though to be able to hang them out in our wonderful fresh air.

  4. Every time I count on the weather being nice, it rains on my fool head. And I just can't see pegging out the loads of laundry we have here. But I do love your skirt collection - and Sue's image of the Porties dragging it in a circle.

  5. Don't they look pretty all lined up?? I want some!!

    ps...Wallace is Confuscious for the 21st century. ;)

  6. Who knew laundry could be art? :)

  7. I love Nichole's comment! She nailed it totally! Beautiful skirts.

  8. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................

  9. I love this picture. Don't know why but I do. Could be because hanging laundry outside is my favorite chore of the day.
    Love the skirt colors :)


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