May 17, 2010


Last Weekend I had the opportunity to attend a bra sewing workshop with Anne St. Clair. First - let me tell you Anne is absolutely lovely. She's nice, funny and very real. Anne owns Needle Nook Fabrics. The Olympia ASG Chapter brought her in for their Spring Education event. Besides an unremarkable looking - but extremely well fitting bra I brought home three bra kits - aren't they pretty?


  1. They are pretty! Until about 5 years ago, I could get my size in any color I wanted, as long as it was black or white. BORING! I'm so glad Frederick's decided that "shaplier" girls would like colors, too.

    Glad you learned the art well, and I love those colors you brought home!

  2. Very pretty - can't wait to see them made up!

  3. Okay, I have to admit, it would be nice to make some that would fit how *I* want them to fit.

  4. So when are you going to model your new items on your blog?


    Anon. Miss D.

  5. I think every woman on the planet is searching for a good fitting comfortable bra! I am looking forward to seeing yours!


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