May 4, 2010


For something blog worthy that is.
Haven't been doing much of anything - I could show you the new carpet - but the pictures are still trapped on the camera. So how 'bout I share my favorite gift from last year?
JB bought me this beautiful charm bracelet. I have always wanted one and he put the best charms on it. the stoppers have daisies (my favorite flower) on them, the beaded charms are my favorite colors. There is another daisy charm and a paw print as well as a dangly heart. I'm sure that's to remind me he loves me. Wearing it today - actually!


  1. That is a lovely piece of jewelry!

  2. I wear mine almost daily. Love the flowers!

  3. I love charm bracelets. When I was working I couldn't wear them because they hit things and made too much noise. Since I stopped working I've collected several and I love the noise they make and the movement.

  4. What a nice present. I lose bracelets, so I only wear a timex watch with an expandable metal band. Then I don't cry when I lose or break it.

  5. What a lovely present. I can see why it is a favorite gift. Sometimes it is hard at times to find things to blog about. It happens to me quite often.

  6. Very pretty - hubby did good :-)

    LOL - once I get going, I can chat/write 'something', but boy, some days coming up with a subject is a killer !

  7. That is so sweet... Beautiful charm!


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