May 9, 2010

Final Decisions

So the title harks back to this post from last year. Yes, last year. Remember at first I thought the border print (while very cute and fun) was entirely too childish for a woman of my age? Yea - well I did it anyway. The pattern is Butterick 5333 - which may now be OOP (out of print). I had made the muslin before Spring Retreat 2009 and had help fitting the bodice and and through the hips. Apparently - all the walking, stair climbing and calorie counting is doing some good. I'm not sure you can tell but the bodice is too big - I can pinch out a good inch under each armhole and through the waist. However - as you can see from the back - it might still need a smidgen more room to lay nicely over my rump. And yes - it did in fact take an entire year to hem it and hand stitch the lining down. I have no idea why. I think I was pretty disillusioned with it after finishing and truthfully - I stuck it in the cupboard (the fabric cupboard not even a "magic closet") and lost it for a bit. Once it was found it started screaming to be finished. Mother's day at the horse races was the perfect excuse to wear it. I would love find some green sandals to wear with it and possibly a cardigan that pulls the colors. There is a very pretty clear purpley blue in the flowers. We'll see. It's comfortable and looks better than ready-to-wear. But it's not perfect.


  1. I don't know anyone who thinks something they made is perfect, except maybe for Carolyn. I think it looks really good, and I stand by my judgement last year that you're simply not "too old" for a fun print like that. Dog prints, yes; border prints, no.

  2. I had a comment until I saw Marjie's and started laughing out loud! Seriously, I KNOW my stuff is NOT perfect but to me there's no need to put that out there in the universe. If I've done my best that's good enough!

    Now onto the dress...which I'm really liking btw! And I agree border prints are not youngish looking at all! You are right in style...that one should get you huh! *LOL*

    Hopefully you can find the shoes and cardigan that you like to make this a really special dress in your eyes.

  3. Looks fantastic! Do you wear bracelets? I feel like your arms need some bright pastels to pull out all the colors in the flowers.

  4. I think it looks good. You're not too old for a border print unless it's a kiddie print. I agree that some colorful chunky bracelets would pick up the colors and you can knit a cardigan or a little shawl to pick out any color you like.

  5. I think it is positively lovely! What a perfect dress to wear to the races.

  6. I just love it. The border is fun and stylish. This looks to be a really smart yet comfortable dress to wear. Waists and sideseams can always be taken in!

    As my dear Mum stitched on the back of the first quilt she made for me "Finished is better than Perfect".

    Your garden is looking incredibly lush and healthy - clearly no drought at your place.

    Care and huggles,

    Michelle and Zebby - xxx and mumble-style soft feline snoring from under his blankie

  7. I love it. Seriously!!! I can't even dress myself, so I'll leave fitting comments to your fellow seamstresses, but it looks great to me.

    The trim is what makes it. I love a splash of accent near the bottom of capris or a skirt, or even around the bottom of a cardi.

  8. Look how well you matched up the middle band in the back! Great job. Love this dress. It's a fun style and should make you feel fun and springy when you wear it!

  9. Ahhh, it's darling. Did you wear a hat with it to the races?

  10. Why do we (that's not you & me, that's 'all of us who make things !) always feel we need to point out the mistakes ? No one we know will likely ever notice. I shoot for wearable - perfect is a LONG way off yet LOL.

    I like the dress - good luck with the accessories (I'm horrible at that stuff)

  11. Super cute! You look good mama! (and Brian says we look alike :)


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