May 7, 2010


So, I like to sew. But I like to make what I want to make when I want to make it. Sometimes it's garments, sometimes crafty-ness, sometimes gifts. Always on my terms. Pretty selfish - right? Well - several dear friends have been nudging me to open an etsy shop. I discussed the idea with JB, set up a separate bank account for use with paypal, bought lots of fabric, decided upon fabrics and a "look." I even polled people who had received some of the bags I'd made to ask what they liked and what they would add/change. It finally occurred to me that the idea of having an etsy is squashing my desire to sew. I feel guilty looking at the bag fabrics. I will make bags, but I think I will continue to make them on my terms - when and how I want. I may gift them or I may end up opening a shop and selling them - the jury is still out on that one. Thoughts, opinions? [ps - I'll have JB take all the shop photos, because I actually want to sell stuff if I go that route!!]


  1. Funny... we both posted similar thoughts today... gotta' enjoy doing a hobby, right?

  2. When you're making them to sell, you "MUST" do it, instead of "WANTING" to make a bag. Your bags are really cute. But maybe you should wait until you have a goodly stock, made when you're in the mood, then open the shop.

    My oldest daughter has a friend who's a student at Cornell, who buys clothes from Goodwill, takes them apart and makes them into something new. Sometimes she turns curtains, sheets and stuff from goodwill into clothes. She started doing this for herself because her mother wouldn't buy her clothes, just expected her to wear her brother's hand me downs, and a store there wanted to buy her creations. Her problem is that she hates doing it now that she MUST, but that's how she's paying for college - along with a truckload of student loans, since Cornell is uber-pricy!

    Do it on your own terms, open your shop "later", when you feel like it, and let yourself enjoy the process. Don't end up hating it!

  3. I ran into that problem when I used to make all my own clothes. People were always asking me to make them a certain item and I sometimes hated the pattern or the fabric they picked out. It was work to make myself finish.

    I'd like to sell my dog sweaters, but I don't want to open a shop for the same reasons you give. We should come up with one shop between a group of us and we can all contribute items. That way there wouldn't be as much pressure and we could each make up a stockpile of items, then put them up for sale.

  4. I've got to say... I think I'm with the majority here...
    I've had the same thought. I love sewing and beading and I make cute bags and stitch markers for swaps and as gifts. But the idea of having to produce regularly... it takes the fun out of it. It makes it a job.
    But I think Marji had a good idea. Sew things anyway. Just when you feel like it. If and when you have an inventory then you can consider setting up a store!

  5. I am afraid I feel just like you. I have an Etsy shop but I didn't like it when people asked me to make a custom order. I would always put it off as it seemed like such a chore and something I HAD to do. I too like making things I want to make and not what I have to make. Some days I could sew all day and others days you couldn't get me near a sewing machine. What to do, what to do...what to do?

  6. Yes, you have to enjoy it, so definitely do it on your own terms. :)

  7. Oh yeah, I'm with everyone else ! If you HAVE to do it, you're not going to enjoy it. And isn't that the whole point of your crafts, knitting or sewing, the enjoyment you get ?

    Like a lot of others, I make what I want, when I want, it takes as long as it takes and if it turns into a UFO, well that's my decision. No pressure.

    Marjie had a great idea. Make them as you feel like it, stockpile 'em til you have enough THEN sell them. You'll probably enjoy it more & the guilt should go away LOL.

    That being said, yesterday my SIL came for dinner and asked if she could bring a sewing project she needed help with. Sure, no problem. By the end of the evening we had figured out what to do and I'd VOLUNTEERED to do it ! Where, oh where, does my brain go ? It's for my niece so I don't mind at all, but the fact that I MUST do it (and with a deadline) takes something away from the project. You know ?

  8. Pretty bags!
    You have to decide if you want to do it as a business... or keep it as a FUN hobby. :)

  9. I'm late to the party here but I'll give you my 2 cents anyway. :)

    Doing your crafts as a business does take the fun out of them.... I like creating my markers & selling them, it's the custom work that sucks the creativeness & fun out for me. I want to make what I want, when I want, not something that someone else wants. LOL So I totally get what you are saying.

    BTW... I love my little "G" bag. :)


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