May 12, 2010


I've gone a bit Dotty.
Currently, I'm test knitting a new design from one of my favorite designers.
It's not ready yet - but she says it's not a secret.
Yarn is Yarn Love - Maryann Dashwood - Strawberry Shortcake colorway


  1. Yummy it looks good enough to eat! Wonder what it is that you are making. Double pointed needles... could it be socks?

  2. Dotty looks dashing! I think I'll need to make myself a pair. I'm several yarns behind on my brown bag stash club...

  3. I like it! Two of my favorite colors. Thank you kindly for the nice wishes for my brother. Julie

  4. I like the texture. The color is wonderful; of course, i love strawberry shortcake (the food, not the cartoon people), so the name would have me entranced.

  5. It does look a bit like strawberry shortcake. Speaking of strawberry shortcake, I think I'll go have some. Yumm!

  6. So pretty!! Thank you again for helping me test knit it!!!

  7. Pink! Squee! can't wait to see the finished product. I am finally working on my Skew socks again. Life is just hectic right now


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