May 5, 2010


that's the carpet color - blush. To me it looks very apricot - there is a fair amount of orange going on, but not too much. We had the carpet installed with the bull nosing method where the carpet follows the framework of the stairs. Can you see how the top edge of the stair that sticks out farther than the riser? I wasn't sure I was going to like this installation method and truthfully - I've been hyperventilating since we ordered the carpet that it would be too orange and look horrible, but I like it. It's a very low pile textured carpet. Both sets of stairwells - upstairs and down from the main level of the house were carpeted in the same color. Both stairwell have a fresh coat of paint. The upstairs (first photo) is painted heavy cream with the back walls on each landing painted cafe au lait. These are the same colors that are in my kitchen so it works. The downstairs have been painted the same green as my kitchen - but JB "brightened" the color by adding some of the heavy cream. As you can see we are also getting new trim throughout the house. The floor molding is substantially bigger and has a bit of detail. It's going to be nice when its finished. Now if we could just pull the trigger and order the cork flooring already.


  1. I think that's quite nice! I'm pondering more earth tones as we remodel/redecorate, not because I love the colors, but because they're calming and the won't show a hound rub or a hubby's dirty hand print QUITE so obviously...

  2. We need to paint, then re-carpet the entire house. I've finally decided on various shades of brown and cream with raspberry and turquoise accents. The carpets will probably be the darker brown to hide doggy footprints.

    A couple places I want slate tile.

  3. Our stairs are carpeted that way, too, and I like it, because the carpet never loosens. The other way is called "waterfall", and it can loosen. I like that color, and it looks great with the green and the cream trim!

    Can't wait to see the next step in the process!

  4. New carpeting is such a treat!!! Love the color you chose ~ enjoy :)

  5. I like! :) And I like the wall colors, too.

  6. I think your carpet color is just lovely. It is always so nice to get new carpet.

  7. I really like the carpet colour and it's wee pattern. Your dear one has done a great job with the painting.

    It can't be easy redecorating and getting new carpet fitted with your four pawed darlings around. I remember that our old family cat wasn't at all impressed with the new carpet process back in the late 1980s.


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