September 17, 2008

Time Out?

These are all done but the grafting. As I was working my way down the foot, I was seriously considering sending them swimming again~~trip to the frog pond anyone?
Why did I think they might need to be started over - that floppy picot edge. Because these were too small the first round. This time I cast on 12 extra stitches on the foot. I knit the heel flap over 60% of the stitches and knit it for much longer than called for. After that, I picked up 2 more stitches than the slipped stitch edge and reduced them out right away. I continued decreasing the gusset until the original 72 stitches where on the needles.
I like them. Even with the floppy picot. Hopefully the edge won't stretch out with washing. Yarn is Claudia's handpaints - gifted from Chan. Pattern is Mockery socks as shown by Camilla. Needle - Addi Turbo US 0 - magic looped doing both socks at the same time - from the top down.


  1. They look great! My socks with the picot edge are also a touch loose at the top; I think that's the way they're supposed to work?

  2. I don't know a thing about knitting socks. But yours always look cute. And if Chan says hers are loose at the top, then tell yourself, "This is a great design feature!"


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