September 23, 2008

Plugging Along

Saturday, I finished Hint/Clue (which is it really?) 3 on the Secret of the Stole III. I am enjoying working on this. For some reason lace really takes a commitment from me. The tv can be on and the dogs can be in the house - but do not let JB be sitting in the same room rattling off lumber sizes and pricing while I'm trying to count how many stitches I need to knit between the YO, Slip 2, K2Tog, PSSO, YO! OMG. I did not have to do any ripping, but I did have to put the lace in my lap and give him "the look!" I am wondering - how hard do I need to block this to get the motifs to stand out? You can see I have it stretched and pinned pretty tight in this second photo. Granted it's dry and the lace will have more give when it's wet, but really - pulled until I feel like the wool will break?


  1. Your SOTSiii is coming right along! You're ahead of me but I've started something else too.
    You may not stretch it that tightly when you block it. I pin mine and then just spray it with water to dampen it well. I think the motifs will show better not stretched quite so much. DK will tell us how it should be blocked....I think.

    So which buttons did you decide to use?

  2. I am the same way with Mr. K. I think it is because I value what he has to say, so I try to listen and that is what screws me up on my counting... Blazer just waits patiently by the door until I finish the row I am working on...LOL

    Your stole is looking lovely!

    PS Blazer says a familiar howdy to Abigail and Dudley...Woof

  3. Oh, that inspires me to print out all the hints to date (including tomorrow's) and add that to my beach knitting! The Knight sleeps in, and I usually have a couple of hours of quiet knitting time in the mornings...


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