September 6, 2008


How cute is this picture? My friend Yvonne awarded me with the Dog Lover Blog 2008 award. There are no rules, the only requirement (according to me) is that you love dogs - especially your own, and you share your blog with them. I know this frustrates my friends to stop by for the sewing (remember when the header said "GMarie Sews?") or knitting. But I love my furkids and they get lots of days too. I am sharing the award with a few of my dog loving friends, but leaving some so they can share too :) So, in no particular order, I would like to present the following friends and their furbabies with the award: Chan, Nicole, Sharon, Marji, and The Princess.


  1. Thanks! What a neat award. Are there really blogs that stick just to one topic?

  2. Oh thank you! Abby and Sophia are very excited :-) They'll need to make another appearance on the sewing blog soon.


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