September 5, 2008

It's Official, The Neighbors Think (know) I'm Crazy!

Miss C owns a brick and mortar yarn and quilting fabric store. She stocks the entire line of amy butler - well I guess that's not technically correct, the carries the complete older lines, she doesn't have the full line of the new stuff. Anyway - click on the link to her blog and you'll see that she just got some new fabric delivered. She is a quilter at heart and a sock knitter. Anyway - I left a smart comment about how quilting cottons are so much more useful than for just quilts. I mean seriously people - think outside the box. That lead to a phone call which evolved into a discussion of the fact that I have in fact sampled the quilting bug. This is by far my favorite quilt top. It's only a top as it isn't quilted. And while you can't tell from the photo - it's huge! Bigger than king size. It's a top that I made in a class and actually finished. I has 12 different fabrics from dark to light. I went from white to a dark rose. Here's a close up of the center of the quilt. The blocks tessellate (meaning they are all the same, just rotated to fit together). This was a fairly easy pattern to sew and it is all straight seams and nothing was 'inset.' I had remembered last night that it was assembled in straight rows, but looking at it I can tell I was wrong - it was assembled in diagonal rows. There are 2 blocks that repeat throughout the quilt. The large (3") solid square which is then surrounded by 4 little 4 patches. The strategic placement of colors in the 4 patches create the elongated "X" for lack of a better description. So, why do the neighbors think I'm crazy? Well at 7:10 this morning I was walking around the yard in my robe. Abby was in the front with me and we were looking for a place to hang the quilt so I could get a photo of most of it. The neighbors where on their deck having morning coffee. They already love our yard - I'm sure they will enjoy the quilt all day. See - when I threw it over the arbor, I didn't completely unfold it and when I tried to pull it down - it got stuck on the cross bar! So - it will stay there until I drag a ladder out to get it down. So - in the end I have made a few quilt tops, but I don't enjoy it. I have a hard time matching fabrics. I agonize over it, questioning every choice. I don't enjoy putting the blocks together and obviously I have no desire to finish them. I would much rather take a beautiful piece of quilting cotton and make a skirt or pillowcases!


  1. That's very pretty. I'm sure your neighbors will enjoy the change of scenery.

  2. I agree with Chan; the neighbors will enjoy the change of scenery. As long as you don't do a cartoon routine and tip the ladder and arbor in slow motion, it won't do any lasting harm.

    I made one quilt once, for my mother in law's 80th birthday, but it was giant blocks, each containing a photo from her life. It was a pain in the guess where, and I don't plan on quilting again soon. Quilt fabrics make nice bedskirts for college dorms, matching table throws so a traveling box becomes a table, pillows, and, of course, wonderful, swishy skirts. We can both agree on that one!

    That said, this quilt top is really pretty!

  3. I wouldn't mind looking at the beauteous quilt all day! Pretty!

  4. *ahem* I fail to see how your foray into tent-making qualifies as quilting, but from what I see in the photos, you are an above-average patchworker! It's gorgeous, MissG, really. Shall we send it off to be made into a useful bedroom adornment? C

  5. I love the quilt- the colors are great! I'm definately a quilter and got bitten by the bug again this summer when I took an online quilting class in bargello. So now I'm torn between sewing clothes and quilting. I need more time! Lol - just like we all do. Oh - I also started knitting a little last winter and made 3 scarfs. I would love to make a sweater next but I'm not sure where to start.

    BTW, I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the quilt. I know I would.


  6. Maybe Bonnie will quilt it for you. I have been reading her site now for a year or so irregularly. She is an awesome and obsessive (in a nice way)quilter. Just found out she wrote a book which has been sold out...and I missed it, can't believe it!!!!BUT, she is getting more in.
    Here is her URL:

    I am really not affiliated with her in any way, just love her blog and she just seems so very nice!



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