September 27, 2008

I Got It!

After Carolyn posted about Burda World of Fashion stepping up their game we had a wonderful conversation about it. See my co-worker (JD2) tried to pick up a copy when he was at a convention in Boston. Neither he nor his wife could find it, so for an early holiday gift - they ordered me a subscription which was to start with the September issue and has yet to show up. So, Carolyn very nicely offered to pick up a copy and send it to me. I got it last week and have been so busy running around like a chicken I forgot to let her know it was here! I got it last Saturday - Thank you very much Carolyn. I can't wait to make something from it. I also got this yarn (scroll down, it's the pink one) from Miss C. The pink and chocolate dalmatian wanted to see how the deck was progressing, so I obliged. She arrived looking a little tired and in knots, but I soon got her into a more relaxed cake-like position.
Now - I'm currently in the process of making knots again - this time with 2.00mm needles to get gauge - then I'll split her up and start some very simple socks.
Or, maybe I should make a coat for one of the dogs. What sayeth you?
Thank you Carolyn and Camilla - I love both of the gifts.


  1. My Sunday is to be spent 1.)test-driving the CAR, and 2.) with the Becher kinder at a birthday party where the B-day girlie's mom has rented a bouncy-house. Good Lord, I hope nobody barfs in it. Hoping you have a wonderful day knitting socks for your feet... unless Abigail actually *does* require an auxillary coat. Happy knitting! C

  2. Oh dear...that yarn looks like peppermint ice cream....i want to eat it.
    lovely gifts!

  3. That yarn is incredible! Can't wait to see what you do with it. (And crud. I was to knit a new coat for Abby this week, but I forgot the yarn and her measurements!)


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