September 30, 2008

Head and Shoulders,

Heels & Toes, Heels & Toes. No-Purl Monkeys, Afterthought heels done over 38 stitches (60%), ShiBuiKnits Stone for socks, Louet Gems Copper Heels & Toes 1.25mm needles


  1. Pretty! I hope to have an FO report... In addition to fighting with Wordpress, I haven't finished the sweater yet. And I was so sure that I'd finish that on Sunday, and finish Fredfoot before we left...

  2. too sick to go out, so I'm in for the night... those are some dayum fine, well-executed after-thought heels. Don't you love how easy that was? *wink* C

  3. Congratulations! They look great! :-)

  4. COOL! And, I've got the tune in my head for the day. haha


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