September 2, 2008

deck redo

These photos are both before. My little bistro set was sitting at the back of the deck farthest from the house. The deck was 'shallow' at 8' x 20'. JB is adding another 7 feet in depth.
It wasn't until later in the day when I decided I should break out the camera and document the process. We had previously put up the new posts. JB concreted the posts on Saturday and we tried to get the dogs prints in the concrete. We will be making stepping stones of all the dogs :)
He actually got pretty far last night. He has today off, so we'll see how far he gets while I'm at work. The downside of my being at work all day. Once he gets home from the dentist this morning, he'll get busy on the deck and forget to eat all day (which I had that problem!).


  1. Fun! I re-did my back deck when I bought the place, but it's not practical for use. We're talking about adding something on the front of the house - not in the woods like the back - and I hope the Knight's buddies talk him into it soon!

  2. 15x20 is a nice sized deck. I have a little bistro set on my back patio, and just love it! JB is ambitious, I'll give him that!

  3. Yeah, about that 'deck'... tell J.B. to go ahead and buy those plane tickets... mama needs a new porch!

    Our trip in for cleanings at the dentist today was disturbing. The 7 yr. old needs oral surgery, the 11 yr. old needs two root canals and a filling, and the 9yr.old will be getting sealants on her back teeth. This is the problem with dipping into your husband's gene pool... There's NO freeking LIFEGUARD. Gah.

  4. It is going to be an amazing deck! What a nice thing for your DH to do...will you show us pictures of the finished deck too?

  5. Wow you will be able to do all kinds of things on the new bigger deck.

    What is it with men and not eating? I don't get that nor does my stomach. ;)


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