September 8, 2008

Can Anyone Identify This?

JB planted straight neck squash, butternut squash, and pumpkins. This is what we found growing in the squash mound. It's obviously a squash of some sort - but what sort? It's definitely not a pumpkin, although it has ridges and seeds like a pumpkin. But the top and the 'guts' are nothing pumpkin like at all. Also, it started out yellow and pumpkins begin life green.
This is what the innards look like. You can see the fibrous goo in the center is dry, but the seeds are large and pumpkin like. Also, there's not much flesh to this little squash. Is that because we let it get too big?
I cleaned it and baked it and we had it with dinner. It had a mildly squash like flavor, but nothing I could put my finger on. Nobody got sick - so I guess it's all good.
Did we get some sort of weird squmpkin? Does anyone know what this is? I've got more if you want to cook up your own.
edited to give credit where credit is due. I had been discussing this weird growth with Miss D when I met her to knit last Friday, and then we were emailing about it earlier on Monday. This is the reply I got from her after describing it: "Maybe it's a squmpkin?" Phrase coined by Miss D.


  1. Squmpkin. That's pretty funny. This is looking sort of winter squashy to me. I either mix maple syrup and walnuts, and put it in the center of each quarter, or slobber it with butter and a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg. They sell well. But I guess I'll call them squmpkins from now on, too!

  2. Looks a little "butternutty" without the green. I bet you got some sort of cross pollination. If there are more of them, I have a great recipe for butternut that I make on the grill while I cook a whole chicken if you want it.

    How's the SOTSiii going?

  3. Ha!! My father or Pop would know in a glance if indeed it was a cross-pollination, but alas, neither is around...

  4. My guess would be it is a cross between a squash and pumpkin...Ours always go wild and the next year we have volunteers that nobody quite knows what the fruit of teh vine will be. I think the funniest thing was one year we left some squash in the garden and it fermented...the crows had a helluva drunken party! Mary

  5. I think you did indeed create the Squmpkin! :)


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