September 21, 2008

Asian Inspired Linen Dress

Okay - so now it's done but for the buttons, buttonholes & hemming. With luck and a little bit of time, it will be finished this week.
The dress is M5672. It's a very different style than what I'm usually drawn to or inclined to make. I have had the fabric which is a painted linen for quite some time.
I'm thinking of using the red tonal cotton print that I lined the sleeves and the neckband with to make large covered buttons. The pattern calls for 8 buttons on the knee length dress. Opinions? I have set the red on the dress in the second photo there.
I know it won't get finished tonight because we are off in a few to go see Maroon 5, Counting Crows, and Augustana. The girls bought the tickets for our birthdays (next month). Should be fun - chat with you all tomorrow.


  1. it could be the colors on my monitor are wonky, but the colors in the print seem quite muted. bright red buttons might be too much. imho, a pearlized button in the color of the darker flowers would be fab. dunno, it's sort of asking for a pearlized button....and a shank button so you don't see the thread. now, where to find the buttons that i am envisioning, i've go no idea. :)

    btw....great pattern for that fabric. definitely asian "inspired" as opposed to looking like a costume.

  2. I agree with mermaids that the fabric is a great match for the pattern, but I disagree about the red being too bright!

    I like the dramatic red with pink tones; it plays on the dark pink in the hearts of the flowers! Plus, it looks like the same fabric that's peeking out from the inside of the collar - if so, then it's totally the right color!

  3. and just to throw you off a little...i think that the red for the buttons might be too much, and stick out a bit. I like the idea of more muted buttons.
    Great was the concert?

  4. Put me in the lighter button camp. I think the red might overpower the painted flowers.

    Nice birthday present from the girls! Hope you guys had fun.

    How's the deck?

  5. Okay, I am FOR the large red buttons...IMHO they will make the red flowers pop on the dress...I'm just not so sure about the calico fabric? It seems like it will compete...maybe a solid red button!

    Now aren't you glad you asked us our opinion since we all have a different one! *LOL*

  6. From the non-sewer... I think its beautiful!

  7. OK, you know I'm not a sewer, (Ha! Sewer!) and I'm dull when it comes to color, but here goes: it's likely that using eight bright red buttons down the front/side of the dress will pull the attention away from the fantastic lines of the Asian inspiration, and also take away from the muted theme. Lining is different. So there.

  8. Oh - I like it alot. I agree with the lighter buttons though. This is going to be a gorgeous dress!

  9. I can't believe I'm voting against the red buttons, too. Do you have any more of the dress fabric left? It would make gorgeous fabric-covered buttons, and wouldn't compete with the dress. Otherwise, I'd put some shank buttons on it that looked like Chinese coins, in a brushed silver or pewter (hey, I know where to get those!). Concert sounds fun... more fun than waiting for my Percs to kick in. Miss you. Watch your mailbox... C

  10. You know I'm a fish out of water, but I always adore fabric-covered buttons...


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