September 7, 2008

and this is how I'll wear it

The skirt is last week's "Up Hill Climb" skirt. Otherwise known as Butterick 4686. I can't tell you exactly what changes I made, because since I started blogging, I've all but neglected my sewing journal which sits on my cutting table to remind me of what I was doing when I left off a project. I know that I added 2"at the waist, cut this about an 1" longer and sewed the pleats down 10" top stitching them. I put in a lapped zipper and then added a tab thanks to Summerset via Carolyn. Before shutting down the studio last weekend. I went looking in the cupboard for lime green knits. I don't know why I have them, but I have two pieces. This one was the best match to the lime flowers that you can no longer see in the skirt. The pattern is NewLook 6753. This was super easy to construct. I cut it out yesterday, applying fusible bias to the front and back necklines straight away. I used fusible bias in the hem, which appears to have a little ripple, which I'm hoping is an optical illusion or will wash away. I plan on throwing a black cardigan over the whole lot, wearing black sandals and in the winter changing sandals for tights and boots. I'm pretty happy.


  1. Hey, you made you a boob shirt! And the skirt is way cute... was this the one destined for Goodwill? It is verrry nice. You keep. You wear. You find a pattern for another boob shirt for your chubby Hoosier friend. (Just kidding. I know you've already graduated from tent-making... I saw the quilt top!) *snark* C

  2. That really looks nice - great outfit! The colors - well everything about it made me smile. It's just a happy outfit! Does anyone but me say "outfit" anymore? LOL I really like the top pattern so I hope I can find it when I go to Hancocks this week.


  3. "boob shirt", eh? I have one similar to this, and just love the quick and easy patterns!

    The color and pattern are great together. I really like this outfit; I hope Lou doesn't keep this one too long from you, like she did with your red skirt.

    Did you get more of that red patterned fabric from Kashi?

    I started two dresses this weekend and didn't quite finish either. Other stuff got in the way.

  4. Pretty shirt! You're so talented...

  5. CUTE outfit...i love it!!

  6. I am really loving these two pieces together! And you can see the lime green flowers in the skirt just fine. What a wonderful way to end up your weekend.


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