June 28, 2008

You Did What?

Today I left the house on a weekend for the first time in almost a month. It's not that I haven't had anything to do, I just haven't been able to get my rear off the couch and get it done. But today I did! My second stop was JoAnn's where I went to find some heavier weight muslin to get started on my coat. What I saw when I walked in however was these adorable red melamine summer dishes. I have been wanting some summer dishes for carting out to the pond for awhile now - but have resisted because we all know I have plenty of dishes! But these were 50% off! So I got 4 large plates, 4 sandwich plates and 4 bowls for $14. The serving tray I picked up at my next stop for $8. I mean really - look how cute they are. Could you have left them there? Tonight we are our dinner on those cute plates - wasabi salmon cakes, steamed asparagus and raw red peppers. We sat by the pond and listened to the waterfall, watched the sun on the treetops and the Robin sitting in the tree looking for worms. We walked around the yard and smelled roses, looked at caterpillars and saw a couple of butterflies - it was a wonderful evening.


  1. the plates are adorable and you don't have to worry about breaking one on the way to the pond. or maybe it is only me for whom breakage would be an issue....


  2. Hooray to you leaving the house! The plates you scored are adorable!

  3. sounds like a perfectly lovely day. and without those darling dishes? it would have been just ordinary. i'm glad you treated yourself! now you'll smile whenever you use them. how many things do you have that do that? :)

  4. How could you not take those bright, fun, non-breakable dishes home? Robins, salmon cakes, steamed asparagus, a waterfall and new dishes equal a great Saturday night! (Damn, I must be getting old if that's all it takes to please me - or maybe it's just all a happy life requires!)

  5. Love those plates. What a find! I might have to run into our Joanne's after my chiro appointment momentarily...

  6. Speaking as one who has had a pool in the past... unbreakable dishes and glassware are a neccessity. You may (may!?) have a lot of dishes, but if none were poolsafe then you so clearly needed to buy these.
    And... they're darn cute.


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