June 23, 2008

Why Bloggy Friends are the Best

Last Tuesday - the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship. JB was a very happy, happy guy. Before the confetti had finished falling - I had emailed Nicole to see if she would mind picking up a Celtics champion t-shirt for JB. She ran out the next day at her lunch. She picked up not one, but 2 shirts for JB. Tonight when I got home from work there was a package from Nicole on my counter. JB was working in the garden and I went into the studio for a little bit. He came in while I was cooking dinner. He couldn't stop grinning while he opened the package.
When he came back into the kitchen. He was wearing his new t-shirt (I think he dropped food on it at dinner). He pranced around the kitchen asking the dogs "Who's the champ?" I'm sure he won't take the shirt off for days.
Thanks Nicole - you made his day. :)


  1. Very cute photo on the bottom there. Sissy does that too; has to stand on her hind feet and talk to us...

  2. Aww.. so glad such a little thing could make him so happy and its great to see the pics!!! Did he like his BEAT LA shirt too?


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