June 24, 2008

The Postman Rings Twice

Last week Rachelle left a comment on a post of mine and I popped over and checked out her blog. Now it's not the first time I'd been there. I rather like her blog, pretty scrolly things - a writing style that reminds me of Camilla, but I keep forgetting to add her to my favorites. I'm not savvy enough to check bloglines or even pretend how it works. I did pretend for a little bit - but that didn't last long at all. Anyway - Rachelle was giving away some snazzy vintage sheath dress patterns. Hmm - Those might fit me and look decent. I'll comment. Well - low and behold I Won! Today there as a cute little package sitting on the bench in the entry way. I haven't been doing much sewing at all lately. But I'm slowly getting back into the studio. I was thinking one of these dresses might work for the pretty border print cotton seen here. While my clothing mojo has gone on a little trip - I have been doing a little crafting. Chan has been on the look out for the perfect bag. We exchanged many an email where she described her perfect bag. I have been working on it. I am sad to say - that while I will still mail her the bag in her birthday box. It's okay - she knows I'm making the bag and putting together a box for her birthday. I'm hoping to mail it on Thursday. Anyway, I had asked her about a couple of Pampered Chef items. They arrived on my doorstep today. Thanks Chan - I will think of you every time a zest citrus or grate nutmeg! It was a pleasure talking to you tonight. I wish I had know there was a package so I could have thanked you then.


  1. bloglines is really easy....makes blog reading a snap. if you want some help getting it set up, just let me know.


  2. Haha... I thought this morning, as I headed out the door... "I wonder how much longer it takes for a TPC box to get from wherever to you than to me?" They generally send me tracking numbers, but either didn't this time, or I failed to note the email.

    It was lovely to talk with you to!

  3. I can't wait to see THE bag! :)

  4. YES, YES!!!! Use the cotton border print for one of the sheath dresses! It will be fun, funky and kewl...and just a warning...once you go vintage, you will never go back! *LOL*


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