June 18, 2008

No More Ugly Balls!

Now - get your minds out of the gutter! Wool Balls - people, wool balls! My friend CJ's Mom sent me a new wool winder. The note said "Thanks for bringing me over to the dark side." She was on bed rest will pregnant and I offered to reacquaint her to knitting. I spent a Saturday with her - teaching her to cast on and dropped a bag of anything a new knitting might possibly need - along with some 'good' yarn to really hook her! She jumped right in and made the wee one a hat with double pointed needles! She's also working on a baby blanket. A while back she said she wanted to learn to knit socks. Preferably both at the same time because she's a slow knitter and wanted to finish a pair and from the toe up so the fit would be perfect. So - I'm helping her with that by guiding toward appropriate yarns, needles, links for techniques etc. Thanks for the ball winder - it will definitely get used! :)


  1. A MUST HAVE tool to prevent ugly balls... :)

  2. Your title made me laugh. Perfect for a rainy NEPA day!

  3. um, these are usually referred to as 'cakes', or 'yummy yarn cakes', or just 'caked yarn'. We usually offer to 'cake it up' at the shop. Later this summer, I'm having a 'cake walk' of odd balls/skeins of yarn for Clementine's first birthday. Have a 'ball' with your new toy! *mwah*

  4. Hooray! No more trying to make the part you needed to fix the old one...

  5. Glad I could instigate some humor!
    And to date:
    1 green baby hat
    1 blue baby hat (self-pattern)
    1 65% done baby blanket
    1 ball of sock yarn....

  6. Have you discovered Ravelry?


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