June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Marji tagged me for the current version of the game blog hopping. This is interesting when reading about others, I'm pretty sure I'm not that interesting. By the way - if you don't already stop by Marji's blog occasionally - do it. She is a works from home mom with 9 children and a big dog! She cooks, sews, home schools and loves her husband - now isn't that refreshing. Anyway -- 1. What was I doing five years ago? Hmm, I can't readily recall. I believe I was in the process of changing jobs - leaving my thought I loved it job (working for the sewing machine dealer) and going back to law. Getting ready for the girls to graduate and go onto college. 2. Five things I must do today: a- get my nails done; b - vacuum the floors; c - prepare for ASG Meeting tomorrow including notify everyone, find the pattern, and cut the community service projects out; d - plan menu for upcoming week; and e - do something I want to and enjoy - sewing and/or knitting, possibly walking a dog. 3. Five snacks I enjoy: a - popcorn; b - chips; c - brownies; d - ice cream; and e - JB's homemade cheesecake. 4. Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire: This truly is a hard question. I would like to think that other than giving up my paying gig my life wouldn't change much. I would pay off my house and then go for the next life - purchasing a B&B and living rather than working. I wish I could be like Chan but who knows really. 5. Five bad habits: a - definitely OCD, all the light switches have to be in the same direction; b - freakin' out when I'm home alone; c - long, hot showers in a time when we should be conserving everything; d - letting food go bad in the garden; e - refusing to eat leftovers. 6. Five places I've lived: a - Seattle, Washington; b - Missoula, Montana; c - San Diego, California; d - Some tiny little town in Texas; and e- Omaha, Nebraska. We also lived in England. 7. Five jobs I've had: a - mushroom picker; b - waitress at a truck stop; c - Mom; d - retail sales for a sewing machine dealer; and e - office manager Now, I'm suppose to tag 5 people. Most people I know have already played, but how about VeeDogKnits (formerly known as blogfree Jess); GoldenTracks; and The Princess


  1. Thanks for playing along! Love your flower pictures. The striped orange and white ones are so vivid! They would be an absolute hit in Knoxville, where I've seen the most awful orange-and-white vehicles you can imagine in support of the Vols! And I'm with you on not eating leftovers; my kids were amazed when some of them found out that this was expected in some households!

  2. Billionaire plans - buy another home on the East Coast or at least east of the Might Mississippi? ;)


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