June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I figured out that in my family when it's mother's day or father's day that means you get to do all the work! For example - it's Father's day - the Musical One wanted eggs benedict for breakfast - and that's one of his dishes. So he cooked breakfast. Then dinner was BBQ - I don't cook outside. So he got to cook dinner too. See, Father's Day and the Father did all the work. We spent the day at the horse races. It was the first really beautiful day in Seattle. As soon as we got home, we leashed up the big dogs and headed out for a walk.

We were less than 5 minutes from home, when a young kid on a motorcycle who claimed to live in the neighborhood and have a 3 year old of his own - came flying down the road toward us doing 50+ with his front wheel in the air. The noise of his bike scared Miss Lucy, who darted into the road. JB got her leash locked and got her safely out of the road, yelling at the kid on the bike to slow down. He slowed down all right. Slowed to a completely stop, then turned around yelling at JB and giving him the universal hello sign - if you know what I mean.

I put Beau into a sit-stay and we waited where we where while JB and Lucy went back to talk to the kid on the bike. He was mouthing off and words were exchanged. The kid called the cops and we spent the next 30 minutes or so waiting for the sheriff to show. After all was said and done - the young man will be cited for Reckless Driving. Moral of the Story ~ don't drive like an idiot in my neighborhood. The cops will be called (even if you do it yourself) and you will end up in trouble. fun times!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! First off...did that kid NOT get a look at JB? I think i would THINK TWICE before mouthing off to him!! EEDIOT! I LURVE that the cops ticketed the little sheiss! I am sure it made JB a little happy too...i hope he giggled.

  2. what a jerk! good for you guys for not just looking the other way. perhaps he will learn....one day....


  3. GOOD. I firmly believe we have the right to walk ourselves and our dogs in safety!

  4. Good for you. Bad enough he's an idiot; why mouth off about it instead of taking a "Whatever, dude" attitude and leaving. Poor Lucy must have been one really unhappy girl. Thor hates noise, too; he spent a couple of hours Saturday during thunderstorms hiding with his human brothers and whimpering. Other than that, it must have been a lovely day!

  5. What an ass... but I am LMAO at the fact that said ass called the cops himself and got himself cited - I LOVE IT! GO JB!


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